Merit Shops Build Best

The UAW Learned What We've Known All Along

- Merit shop contractors are competivie and capable of completing your most complex projects.
- They employ skilled craftspeople who are the majority of the construction industry - 85% of Massachusetts construction workers are nonunion
- They offer quality and value, as well as on-time and on-budget performance
- Merit shops are committed to safety and to their employees - competitive salaries, bonuses, health insurance and generous benefit packages
- Merit shops bring peace and harmony to jobsites, not turf battles and threats
On your next building project, count on merit shop construction professionals. Learn a lesson from the UAW: "None of those bids - all of which were from union contractors - were accepted as the UAW believed those bids were too high ..." a union spokesman told the Detroit News.

Merit shops employ 83.2% of construction workers in Mass.

The Merit Construction Alliance gives voice to the vast majority of the construction industry: merit shop contractors and their employees. Merit shops employed 83.2% of the Massachusetts construction workforce in 2017, according to data compiled by MCA represents merit shops in advocating for fair and open competition and an end to policies that favor special interest groups at the expense of our members and the taxpayers.