Open Shop Builds Best

Attention to budget, schedule, safety and detail are the hallmarks of merit shop contractors. These guiding principles have been the key to growth in our industry, which is why merit shop construction employees comprise 80 percent of the Massachusetts construction trades.

The merit shops focus is "customer first." That's why customers, large and small, rely on open shops for their building needs throughout Massachusetts. Read more about the benefits of selecting open shop.

Ready for Any Job

Open shop contractors include many of the largest construction firms in Massachusetts who have built highly complex projects. From hospitals, to laboratories, to schools and to factories, open shops get the job done right.

The merit shop employs true craftsmen interested in working for and representing a single firm. These loyal employees know their reputation and their employer's is on the line on every job. Learn more about open shops and their employees here.

Win with Open, Fair Competition

The Merit Construction Alliance encourages the inclusion of all qualified open shop contractors and their employees in bidding on both private and public construction projects. When bidding on construction projects is open to all qualified bidders - open shop and our industry counterparts alike - owners receive a quality project at the best possible price. Open and fair competition is good for owners, the economy, and in the case of public construction, great for taxpayers. Read more about open and fair competition.

Why Raise the Price?

Independent research shows Project Labor Agreements, Responsible Employer Ordinances and other monopolizing gimmicks dramatically increase project costs. See for yourself.