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Senator Warren All-In on Invading Worker Privacy, Using Coercive Tactics

This is what you get when you ask Senator Elizabeth Warren to consider the many, many negatives of the so-called "PRO Act." It is federal legislation that drastically expands the advantages unions have in organizing workplaces and handcuffs employers.

The PRO Act has many, many other measures that will be detrimental to American workers and employers, including:

- Negates secret ballot elections and allows the card check system, which is easily manipulated by bullying and coercion. Card check is when labor organizers hand a worker a card to sign in favor of unionizing a workplace, so everyone can see how they vote.

- Require employers to give union organizers the names and personal contact information of the employees, including home addresses and cell phone numbers. Imagine labor organizers showing up at employees' homes (they have the addresses) and pressuring them to sign the card check.

- Mandate employees join and pay dues to organized labor at a unionized business, negating the 32 state right-to-work laws.

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