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Achieve the Greatest Value


'Open shops are 20-30 percent less expensive than union shops.'



Skill, Quality, Value & Professionalism

The construction professionals at merit shops successfully build projects of any size, delivering:

  • Quality & value

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Pride in their work

  • Professionalism

  • Skilled, trained & licensed craftspeople

  • Loyal employees who are a majority of the workforce

You Win When
We Compete

Competition creates incentive to deliver the best: 

  • Price

  • Ability

  • Experience

  • Safety record

  • Workforce


Public and private projects win with fair and open competition.  They lose when free markets are manipulated. 

We Advocate for Fair & Open Competition

The Merit Construction Alliance advocates for fair and open competition and promotes the advantages of hiring merit shops.


We ask only for:.

  • Fair & transparent bidding

  • A chance to compete on a level playing field

  • Equal treatment for all and no market manipulation to benefit special interests 



Federal & State Laws 
Promote Fairness

Why courts strike down schemes to lock out merit shops

Merit Shops Offer Best Chance for Labor Peace & Harmony

Worcester stadium construction must follow state laws

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Worcester & Lowell Reject Project Labor Agreements

Experience, skills, dedication & professionalism - without the headaches

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4 out of 5

Choose Merit Shops

Why Do Most Construction Workers Select Merit Shops?



The Merit Construction Alliance advocates for fair and open competition in the construction marketplace.  We believe building contracts should be awarded based on quality, value, safety, and adherence to budgets and timelines. The MCA encourages project owners to invite all qualified construction firms - non-union and union - to bid on a level playing field.


Open shop construction is the preferred choice in Massachusetts and the nation.The private and public sectors recognize the benefits of quality workmanship, competitive pricing and attention to customer service – the hallmarks of merit shop contractors.


Open shops are also preferred by the construction workforce. In Massachusetts, four out of five construction workers are employed by merit shops.


The MCA knows construction projects are weakened by special-interest schemes, market manipulation, false information and intimidation tactics. We believe the projects and the industry are stronger when built on a foundation of fair and open competition.


Year Established


Value of Projects Kept Open to All


Workers Choose
Merit Shops in Mass.


Strikes by Merit
Shop Employees


MCA Members Value a Healthy Construction Industry

The Merit Construction Alliance represents the interests of merit shop contractors and their employees.  The MCA is dedicated to educating the private and public sectors about the benefits of fair and open competition and of choosing to work with open shops. 


Merit shop contractors support the work of MCA because the value a healthy, robust construction industry where competition drives quality up and costs down.  For more information on joining MCA, complete the request for information form, and we will contact you. 

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For more information about the benefits of fair and open competition, or about joining MCA, please complete the form below.

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